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March 16, 2017

How-to build secure systems – Part 2

How-to build secure systems – Part 2 This is part 2 of How to build secure systems. For part 1 click here You have secured client – server communication with SSL. Well in today’s world that is just not enough. Enable two factor authentication. By using two-factor authentication you gurantee that even if the PC […]

March 14, 2017

How-to build secure systems – Part 1

Building Secure Systems – Part 1 The inspiration for this article are the recent disclosures from WikiLeaks of the CIA operations. Building secure systems is not an easy task. It is a complex problem, that requires, from software developers to think as hackers and look at the system as a whole, not just review their […]

March 9, 2017

Linux, Java,SSL and Randomness

Late night deployment and randomness During deployment of Keepassa¬†, our password manager, ¬†last night I had an interesting issue. The server process (embedded Jetty), hanged on startup, just before building the SSL Context Factory. As we have migrated from OpenBSD, to CentOS on our staging and production servers, I first thought that it was a […]