Keepassa – Password Manager

Keepassa lets you manage your passwords, securely. Passwords are triple encrypted and not even we can decrypt them without your user password, which is not kept on storage.
We believe so much in our security, that we are offering a reward, for anyone, who could crack passwords in our database. To have a go click here
We have released Keepassa as OSS, so that anyone can review the security – check out –
When developing Keepassa, we believe that a secure system should be designed from the ground up, in a way that gurantees that not even its creators or devops , can compromise its security.
Our top features that guarantee the security of your passwords:

  1. We are using proven open-source components – CentOS, PostgreSQL, OpenJDK
  2. We triple encrypt all your passwords and files, with leading symmetric encryption algorithums (TWOFISH,AES,SERPENT)
  3. Your keystore is also encrypt, and can’t be open without your password.
  4. Even if an attacker, gets your password, and a dump of the DB, he can’t open the database, due to our master salting
  5. Our storage is encrypted, using full-disk encryption.
  6. All our communication, is encrypted (HTTPS/SSL)
  7. We don’t store keystore passwords on storage.
  8. Every database update is audited, and each database row is signed.
  9. We offer two-factor authentication.
  10. All our application code is signed with our private keys and is checked on reboot.
  11. Sharing passwords, uses PKI, so only the receiver of the share can read it.
  12. We are hosted in Switzerland, so questionable privacy laws are not an issue


Other Features

  • LDAP Integration
  • Teams
  • Departments
  • Apps and extentions
  • A RESTful API for easy extention
  • A self-hosted option
  • Mutual SSL and Certificate-Based authentication for self-hosted version

For more information contact office(at)omisoft(dot)eu